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Pumpkitecture 2020: A Virtual Vanquishing

Submit Your Demonic Design

Center for Architecture

Thursday, Oct. 29


As Halloween slouches towards us, it is time for Archtober to once again invoke the specters of starchitects past for Pumpkitecture 2020! This year, a nightmare freshly brewedbringwith it a new spin for our time-honored, gourd-carving tradition.  

With restrictions on social gatherings still in place, Pumpkitecture is going virtualand all the world’s festering souls are invited to participate! Not an architect but long to show off your eerie eye for design? Your chance awaits you! Does the PritzkerPumpkin call to you? Mere mortal, the prize is within reach of your grubby hands! 

Pumpkitecture 2020 is loosed upon the world todayOctober 14participants have until  Thursday, October 29 to complete their demonic designs. 

Lost souls may follow one of two divergent paths: submit your cursed curibita as an architecture firm, or as a mere inhabitant of this wretched earthOur dreaded jury will award your vegetal visions accordingly. 

Follow our Rules of Engagement and submit evidence of your ungourdly progeny via this form. 

Rules of Engagement: 

  • Participants may submit projects as architecture firms or individuals. If you are not an architecture firm but are designing and carving your pumpkin as part of a larger team, please submit a team name. There is no limit for team size (but please be sure to follow social gathering restrictions in your area) 
  • At least one real, flesh-and-seed pumpkin must be used in the making of your architectural abomination.  
  • Have grand plans? Multiple gourds may be used to construct your sinister designs 
  • Submit up to 5 jpg photos, along with an optional video (10 mb max per file)Consider: What will the dreaded jury want to see? Different angles? Process shots? Pumpkins in action? If you share your designs on social, make sure to tag @archtober!
  • Don’t forget to name your piteous pumpkin 
  • Archtober and its acolytes are not responsible for any injuries, possessions, or curses sustained during curibita carving. BE SAFE and protect your mortal flesh! 

Winners will be announced on All Hallow’s Eve, Saturday, October 31 via Archtober’s Instagram. 


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