Resistance and Resilience: An Allerton Library Community Conversation


New York Public Library

Wednesday, Oct. 21
5:00pm – 7:00pm


From Covid-19 to the protest movement, we all have a voice in this moment. Your voice matters!

As critical decisions are being made about resources, health care, and public safety, it is more important than ever for journalists and policymakers hear personal stories from our lived experiences. Let's build connections to improve our communities and understanding of one another, while keeping physical distance to protect public health.

Looking for company and connection that goes deeper than a Twitter feed or Instagram story? Want to share your hopes, concerns, and reflections with others? Join us!

Here's how it works:

  • Step one: You'll join a small group recorded conversation, facilitated by NYPL staff. You'll share real concerns, stories, and ideas connected to your experience living in NYC.
  • Step two: Our recorded conversation will then be transcribed, keyworded, and posted on a website to be shared with media outlets, local decision-makers, and other neighborhood stakeholders with the goal of offering a new window into issues that are important to our community.

Together, we'll create a platform where everyone is invited to be heard.

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